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Luis Romero

Creative Director

Kill Boring. Luis adopted this phrase from his first day in TBWA\. With more than 15 years of experience, Luis has stood out both for his disruptive ideas and for his strategic thinking in important international festivals such as the London International Awards, El Ojo de Iberoamérica and Cannes on numerous occasions and the AA&D.

Always curious, always pushing the team to go further, Luis is a tireless seeker of ideas no matter the medium. For example, converting a packaging for Clorox not only into a container with product, but also allows you to see the dirt that cannot be seen with the naked eye using ultraviolet light. And in the search for opportunities of how our brands can be inserted in the conversation with what is happening in the culture.

As a professional DJ, he has a very important musical background, which led him to play (2000s) with Clifford Price aka Goldie, a British musician and producer, a pioneer of “drum and bass” in the 90s. That background helps him to be very skillful with the sound part of ideas, which, as we all know, audio is the new disruption in creativity. This is because of all the technology that now makes it a very unique experience for the listening audience.

His work has been published in Communication Arts, Archive and in AdAge's "Creativity's Editor's Pick" twice.